Veltins Brewery

Veltins and Grevensteiner Beers

Brewing water from the brewery's own springs
A tastefully balanced beer in the Pilsener brewing tradition is only achieved using particularly soft brewing water.
That's why we brew fresh Veltins with soft spring water from our seven in-house springs, which have always flowed from the Homert Natural Park in Hochsauerland.
Analyses confirm that this water, due to its particularly low level of hardness, is ideal for our very specific brewing process.


Veltins Pilsener Beers

Made from the best natural spring water

Veltins Pilsener 330ml 4.8%

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One thing’s for sure: It’s as fresh as it gets. The fact the fresh VELTINS is literally on everyone’s lips, not just in Germany, but increasingly worldwide, is due to a variety of facts. Tradition, innovation and brewing expertise are indispensable for this story of success. And these characteristics are inherent in the entire range of VELTINS products.

Veltins Pilsener Alcohol Free 0.0%

The absolute Non-Alcoholic

The new VELTINS non-alcoholic Pilsener convinces with 100% taste and 0.0% alcohol. The beery, bitter and pleasant tangy Impression refreshed and invigorates. The body of the beer is slender and convincing with true elegance, while a slight bitter note is also discernible in the topping. A perfect beer enjoyment for all who want to completely do without alcohol.


Grevensteiner Beers


Grevensteiner Original  500ml 5.2%

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Back to the roots: With Grevensteiner, Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS brings the venerable craft of brewing back to life - in the tradition of the twins Carl and Anton VELTINS at the beginning of the last century! The 100 year old lettering of the family brewery is emblazoned on the tankard. The bulbous ‘stubby’ bottle indicates to drinker that this is a beer through which solid brewing tradition comes alive. The historic ‘stubby’ bottle is the container with which the brewery C. & A. VELTINS has identified itself over decades. With a historic-looking label and a bottle cap that appeals, history lives on in a current product

Grevensteiner Helles 500ml 5.2%

Naturally cloudy Lager

Together with a slight natural cloudiness, Grevensteiner Helles presents at very first glance a captivating spectrum of bright straw colours and a marked , firm head. Its complex flavour is dominated fresh fruity tangs underscored by an extremely fine malty touch. Even the first sip reveals the pleasantly mild, lean body. This palatable experience finds its perfect complement in the balanced hoppy bitterness and a mellow tanginess.


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