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The Original Bavarian Wheat Beer

We believe that pleasure truly enriches our lives. That's why we brew our beers with much pleasure right from the start, applying distinct methods, natural, regional ingredients and rich flavours – unique and always special. This way we create exceptional beers, as special as life itself.
This requires to rely on quality without compromise, even if this means greater investments in time and labour. Our range of products shows, that in the face of all challenges we never lose our joy and curiosity when following new and at time crazy ideas.


Some of the best Wheat Beers in the World

Our Product Range

TAP1 Helle Weisse

subtly aromatic, lively

The delicate wheat beer, low in alcohol and with a wonderfully aromatic wheat beer flavour. The refreshing, lively note is per- fect for any occasion.

Naturally cloudy, traditional bottle fermentation Alcohol 3.3 %, drinking temperature 8° C Calories 99 kJ/24 kcal per 100 ml

TAP2 Kristall

finely sparkling, slender

The invigorating, crystal clear wheat beer with no yeast. Ideal as a stimulating aperitif, or served classi- cally in a wheat beer glass. Also an excellent basis for beer cocktails.

TAP3 Alkoholfrei

strongly aromatic, fresh

The refreshing thirst-quencher with the 100 % enjoyment of wheat beer. Low in calories and rich in vitamins. Strong – like Bavaria!

Naturally cloudy, especially gently dealcoholised

< 0.3 % alcohol, drinking temperature 8° C Calories 98 kJ/23 kcal per 100 ml

TAP5 Hopfenweisse Doppelbock

intensively aromatic, fruity

First “Collaboration Brew” between Bavaria and New York

– a brave, fruity wheat beer that exceeds all expectations.

Naturally cloudy, traditional bottle fermentation Alcohol 8.2%, drinking temperature 8–10° C




TAP6 Aventinus Doppelbock

smooth, bavarian baroque

Bavaria’s oldest Weizendoppel- bock, since 1907! Award-winning worldwide – intensive and full

of fire, warming, balanced and smooth.

Naturally cloudy, traditional bottle fermentation Alcohol 8.2 %, drinking temperature 8–10° C

TAP7 Original

harmoniously powerful, refreshing

The traditional archetype of Bavar- ian wheat beer: with a deep amber colour, brewed according to the original recipe, unchanged and loved since 1872.

Naturally cloudy, traditional bottle fermentation Alcohol 5.4 %, drinking temperature 8°C

Aventinus Eisbock

voluptuously powerful, intense

Magic and a dark soul – the dark, almost black Eisbock is in a class of its own. Ice matured according to a special recipe, powerful and intensive.

Naturally cloudy, special freezing process Alcohol 12.0 %, drinking temperature 10–12° C

TAPX Nelson Sauvin

fruity and fresh, elegant

The exclusive, elegant wheat beer made with rare Nelson Sauvin- Hops from New Zealand. With notes of a fresh and expressive Sauvignon Blanc.

Naturally cloudy, traditional bottle fermentation Alcohol 7.3 %, drinking temperature 8–10° C



Specialty Beers for Cellaring

TAPX Cuvee Barrique

A pleasantly sour combination of barrel aged strong beers

In Aventinus Cuvee Barrique - fresh Aventinus and Aventinus Eisbock are aged in separate wine barrels for up to 8 months, and then expertly blended into a tannin-rich cuvee. Each year the blends will be different, depending on the blending and the barrels.


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